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Our aim is to assist our clients with reducing their energy consumption and in turn:


  • Reducing Energy Costs.
  • Reducing Carbon Emissions.
  • Improving the Working Environment.
  • Clients can Demonstrate Corporate and Social Responsibility.


We can assist our clients by providing a comprehensive range of consultancy services such as:


  • Energy Audits.
  • Selecting the best tariffs/energy provider for our clients.
  • Identifying areas within their facilities where energy savings can be achieved.
  • Energy Evaluation.
  • Load Monitoring.
  • Energy Scoping Surveys.
  • Power Quality Analysis.
  • Provide cost benefit analysis for identified energy savings projects.
  • Financial appraisal.


From our experience energy savings can be achieved in the following areas:


  • Correct operation of Heating Systems.
  • Correct operation of Cooling Systems.
  • Monitoring and Targeting through correct metering.
  • Utilization and correct operation of Building Management Systems and other Control Systems.
  • Utilisation of the correct lighting systems suitable for the task.
  • Efficient use of and correct sizing of compressed air systems.
  • Utility Management.