Covid-19 Safety Totem Sanitising Dispenser

Our Covid-19 Safety Totem unit is a freestanding Sanitising Station that can help prepare your business to reopen and ensure proper levels of protection for Staff and Customers. The Sanitizing Unit is 1.8m tall (with a steel base) and comes complete with a sign holder that can convey important information on Covid-19 Public Health Advice.

Note: Covid 19 information is already on the sign.

The Safety Totem Sanitising Unit also includes a gel holder, glove holder, mask holder and waste bin.

Main Features:

  • Sign Holder  (To highlight important safety messages)
  • Gel holder
  • Glove Holder
  • Mask Holder
  • Waste Bin
  • Steel Base


Safety Totem: 1.8m (High)

Base Plate: 350mm x 350mm

Weight: 23kg

Safety Totem Sanuitising Unit